As one of the first licensed providers in the drone space, we're changing the way people view real-estate. Beyond cinematic footage, we use the most advanced motion-graphics and 3D modelling software to deliver clear, concise information straight to your clients. 

To compete in today's diverse real-estate market, you need powerful marketing solutions.

 Whether it's a cozy residential townhouse, or a sprawling multi-million commercial complex - our expert team designs a storyboard appropriate for any property.


At every step of the campaign, we provide the most effective ways of demonstrating value to your clients or investors. 




Our videos are produced with the highest 4K footage that we colour-grade and edit to bring out the best in your property. If you're looking for photos, we deliver in any format and size to suits your needs. Whether you need a video or a simple set of aerial photo's, our footage is always a cut above the rest.


Combining the power of animated graphics with stunning aerial footage, our powerful marketing is informative and captivating. We know what your clients and investors want to see and clearly highlight all those points of interest at the click of a button.


Our animated maps bring the community to life. Clients love this innovative video addition which puts virtually any important information into perspective with the property. Whether it's banks, supermarkets, public transport, schools - you name it - we're able to show just how great the location really is.


For our enterprise level clients, we've now introduced advanced 3D rendering as a powerful visual aid to show the endless possibilities for your future property. You can now demonstrate both commercial and residential re-developments to your investors and be at the forefront of marketing media. 



Matterport allows users to experience an immersive view of a property that goes much further than a floor plan or traditional virtual tour. It allows the user to have a complete walkthrough of the property, stopping and looking around wherever they choose. Think of it as a virtual open house that’s open 24/7 from the comfort of their homes. 

Contact Information

Email: admin@jygroup.ca

Phone: (647) 922-6869

Available in all of Ontario, Canada.

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